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AS MISSIONARIES TO THE SPANISH SPEAKING WORLD our focus is now upon the rapidly growing Hispanic population of the USA.  But we also engage in preaching and teaching seminars and crusades both in the US and in Latin America & Spain.

We are involved in a growing ministry designed to prepare Spanish speaking men and women for credentialed and lay ministry in southern California.  What a privilege to invest hundreds of hours teaching and mentoring future leaders!


On these pages you will find important imformation about our ministry. 

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We welcome your partnership with us in reaching the Hispanic community in southern California & around the world!


Jan's second book has been published in print and electronic media format.  The Kindle electronic version can be found on Amazon.com under the title "El Hizo Algo Bello" or "Algo Bello."  It is also available in both print and e=book formats in English "He Made Something Beautiful" or "Something Beautiful.

El segundo libro de Juanita ha sido publicado en forma impresa y también en forma electrónica.  En Amazon.com se puede hallar bajo el título "Algo Bello" o "Él Hizo Algo Bello"! 


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Early Start on Christmas

Read Luke 1:1 through 2:52

Published: Sep 25, 2017

Gayle looked across the store and noticed Christmas decorations already on display. “Seriously! It’s three months until Christmas. Why can’t they wait for Thanksgiving first?” she muttered. Later while unloading her groceries she began to think about the truth of Christ—God’s promised Savior coming to the world. She remembered the message the angels proclaimed to the shepherds.

“Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord” (Luke 2:11).

The Jewish people yearned for the coming Messiah to deliver them from the harsh realities of Roman rule. Some false messiahs arose to attempt to win the allegiance of the people and had some success. However, they weren’t able to give people the peace and joy they desired. God sent Jesus to be born in Bethlehem, live a sinless life, die on a cross to pay for humanity’s sin, and rise from the dead.

The challenges of life cannot compare with the joy people can discover in the gift of Jesus Christ.

Challenge for Today: Rejoice in the truth that the Savior loves you no matter the challenge.

Quicklook: Luke 2:8–14

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